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81 I am a female living in Jeddah. I performed umra but forogt to trim my hair at the end of it. As soon as I returned home to Jeddah I remembered and cut my hair. Is my umra valid. Any compensation? 245
82 I have been blessed by Allah (S.W.T) with the privilege of residing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Alhamdulillah I have made intention to perform my 1st Hajj this year. (May Allah (S.W.T) accept it & make it 262
83 I would like to know about the different types of haj. When can a person perform those haj? What are their durations? I heard one can perfom the haj even in 5 days. Is it true? Please let me know. Jazakallah 237
84 My mother decided to going for Hajj this year.As my father is not alive,so my brother is going with her. 270
85 I am an indian and staying in Jeddah for job purpose.I want to perform Hajj in coming year.however i had taken some laons from bank and stil repaying the laons. so at this situation is it permisible to perform Hajj 191
86 Two years ago, my wife is diagnosed that her two fallopian tubes are blocked & that fibroids have started growing in her uterus. Our fertility experts & gyneacologists all say... 242
87 I am living in Jeddah which is inside the Miqat. I am staying here from last 2 year. I performed Hajj e Ifrad in last session Alhumdulillah. I have some doubts... 230
88 My question is in regards to the money that should be used towards performing the Hajj. I am under the impression (please correct me if I am wrong) that Hajj should be made by money that one has earned,. 218
89 Myself and my wife planned to go for UMRAH .. One day before my wife not feeling well and I cancelled the UMRAH..Likethis it was happend for three times.... 236
90 My Wife's mother has suggested that she would like to make Hajj next year, and she would like me to accompany her. Is it permissible for me to make Hajj with my mother-in-law? 187
91 please advise on what conditions can a female muslim preform haj.please note she has recently reverted to islam, and single. jazakallah 256
92 I have performed umrah a couple of months ago....and one mistake which i did in the state of ihraam was...i missed a farz namaaz 236
93 Can somebody perform umrah in ramadan or hajj if they have an ongoing loan to pay off in small amounts that will take them the next 15 months but they will have saved enough money on the side for their umrah/hajj? 190
94 My father is after serious illness and is very feeble & unstable (needs assistance to walk). He had never visited Makkah. In keeping with his wishes, I Insha Allah intend to take 220
95 On my way to umrah we stopped in egypt where i had intention to put my ihram on. On reaching egypt the airline had lost my luggage and i did not have an ihram to put on....Is my umrah complete or do i need do do something else for it to be valid 173
96 A woman's period started in madina. thinking she doesnt have to make niyyah or resite talbiya she went straight to makkah... 226
97 dear mufti sahab pls tell me that which type of hajj is virtues hajj-e-tamattu, hajj-e-qiran or hajj-e-ifraat 220
98 I am working in saudi arabia, i had borrowed amount by interest and also my father had borrowed amount from others and i am repaying that slowly . Can I perform hajj... 204
99 Can you sacrifice an animal for qurbani if the animal has a number tag pinned to a ear of the animal? 256
100 I have heard over the radio that if a person goes for ramadaan umrah it is like going for umrah with the prophet (s.a.w)....With the new quota system for haj it is becoming difficult and more expensive for some working class.. 207
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