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Masraf of Zakah [on whom spent]
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1 Is it permissible for someone to send his Zakah to a land where he does not live? 2199
2 Can zakah be paid to a healthy man who earns but does not own Nisab? 2018
3 Question 451) - What do out three Imams say about someone who paid Zakah to someone he thought was entitled and then learnt that he is his Mukatab or slave? 1821
4 A man paid his Zakah to someone whom he though is entitled. It then became known that he was rich or a Hashimi or a Kafir; or he gave it to a poor man in the dark who turned out to be his father. Has his Zakah been fulfilled? 1714
5 If these people are in need, how can they be helped? 2061
6 Is there such a Faqir or Miskin to whom Zakah cannot be given? 1952
7 What is the ruling of giving Zakah to a rich man or his son? 1993
8 Is Zakah fulfilled when given to one's husband /wife? 1952
9 How should it be given? Must you say, "This is Zakah"? 1968
10 Is it allowed to pay one's Zakah to one's poor relatives? 1969
11 Is Zakah fulfilled if used to buy a slave and then freeing him? 1665
12 What is the ruling if the Zakah was given to one in charge of the Madrasah? 1648
13 Can Zakah funds be used for shrouding or building a Masjid, Madrasah, bridge or public road? 1718
14 Can Zakah be paid to a Kafir who is Faqir or Miskin? 1788
15 That leaves 7 categories. Must one paying Zakah give each category or will some suffice? 1786
16 Define whose hearts are to be united. 1719
17 Who is a traveller? 1720
18 What is meant by, "in the way of Allaah"? 1680
19 Who is a debtor? 1677
20 What is the meaning of slaves? 1719
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