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Funeral Salaah
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21 Performing the Janaazah salaah in a Masjid 523
22 The child of a non Muslim Mistress 484
23 Salaah with the Wudhu made for the Janaazah salaah 399
24 Should the Janaazah salash be Performed for a Person who Commits Suicide? 362
25 Calling Out the Adhaan at the Graveside 416
26 Performing the Janaazah salaah in the Graveyard 436
27 Can Nafl salaah be Terminated to perform the Janaazah salaah? 443
28 Can the Janaazah salaah be Performed with the shoes on? 372
29 The Imaam Made salaam after the Third Takbeer 354
30 The Janaazah salaah for a Mother who died in Labour 356
31 Performing the Janaazah salaah on an Impure place 385
32 Laying the Decessed down in the Wrong manner Position 380
33 Carrying out the 'Faatiha' after the Janaazah salaah 414
34 What is the ruling if the deceased was buried without Salatul Janazah? 578
35 If the guardian has prayed the Salah, may anyone else repeat it? 498
36 If someone besides the ruler or the Imam prayed it, is the guardian allowed to repeat the Salah? 484
37 Who is most entitled to lead the Salah? 529
38 Can the Funeral prayer be held in a Masjid built for five time's Salah? 507
39 What are the conditions and Fard of the salah? 552
40 Is Jama'ah a condition for praying this salah? 523
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