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Salatul Jumu'ah
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41 Performing the Jumu'ah salaah in more than One Masjid 762
42 Two Jamaa'ahs for the Jumu'ah salaah in One Masjid 807
43 Is it permissible to study books of Deen or write Masaa'il or Ahadeeth if one reaches the Masjid before the Adhaan of the Khutbah? 818
44 Can a Bath be Taken after the First Adhaan of the Jumu'ah salaah 815
45 Performing the Jumu'ah salaah before Zawaal 866
46 Calling out the Second Adhaan of Jumu'ah in front of the Khateeb 730
47 Delaying the Salaah so that the Rows may be Straightened 763
48 Can The person Delivering the Khutbah Prevent People from any Wrong? 904
49 Reciting the Durood when the Imaam recites the verse: INNAL LAAH.. 903
50 Replying to the Adhaan before the Khutbah 889
51 What Population is Required for the Jumu'ah salaah to be Valid? 851
52 A Masjid is not a Prerequisite for the Validity of the Jumu'ah salaah 808
53 The Eid and Jumu'ah salaah in a Village that has become a Town 799
54 Jumu'ah salaah in a small Village 802
55 Is the Jumu'ah salaah Waajib (compulsory) for the People who reside on the Outskirts of a City? 826
56 Performing the Jumu'ah salaah when the Sun is at its Zenith 749
57 Can the Jumu'ah salaah be performed at the Bombay Harbour? 800
58 Which Surahs are Masnoon during the Jumu'ah salaah and the Fair of the day of Jumua'h? 738
59 Is it better to Listen to the Lecture or Recite Qur'aan? 739
60 The Masnoon Qiraa'ah for the Jumu'ah salaah 759
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